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General information

Strzelce Krajeńskie and its neighborhood are agricultural areas with well developed forest economy, prospering trade and services, and  a slight addition of industry-mainly metal. The seat of the commune is Strzelce Krajeńskie- a town of almost 11 thousand of residents.

Nearly 40% of the commune's area is covered with forests and clean lakes. This natural richness is well taken care of by the residents, as ecology is one of the commune's priorities. In 2002, a new, modern sewage treatment plant was built. It services communal and industrial wastewater and subsequent villages are being connected. Soon, the pipeline infrastructure is going to be developed. The water intakes and water supply system is being developed, especially in rural areas. There, public common rooms are being renovated and equipped.

Systematically the area covered with waste sorting program is enlarged. The nearest future brings building of wind farms.

Actions were made in order to bring Lake Górne into cultivation. A social building has been built.

A special program has been drawn up to renovate the medieval defensive walls. Project works are in progress to build a bypass road.

Communal infrastructure is being renovated as well. Old street lighting, sidewalks and street surfaces are  being replaced. Owing to architectural lighting, the historical buildings look even more attractive.

The last two years were the first stage of the Local Program of Revitalization of Strzelce Krajeńskie, which assumes restoration and giving a historic character to the town's square and buildings near it, as well as the defensive walls. Too, sidewalks are going to be modernized and the streets neighboring to the town's square are to gain a new look.

The revitalized town's square is one of the many examples of effective use of financial means  granted from the resources of the EU.

Strzelce Krajeńskie, is a dynamically developing town, and a well governed commune. Undoubtedly, the leading town of the region, which finds confirmation in the high rank given by the Rzeczpospolita newspaper in their local government ranking.

There are numerous educational institutions, a nursery, kindergartens, six elementary schools, a junior high school, comprehensive and profiled high schools, as well as the  Branch Department of The West Pomeranian University of Technology- Tuition Point in Strzelce Krajeńskie.

Education and sport facilities are also regularly developed, both in town as well as in other commune's villages. A playing field has been build within the confines of the 'Moje Boisko - Orlik 2012' program.

The commune co-operates actively with non-government organizations (there are over 40 in the commune) which offer the opportunity of active spending of leisure and developing interest to our residents.

The town maintains official partnership with three foreign areas: Angermünde and Tornesch in Germany, as well as the commune of Jammerbugt, Denmark. The implementation of resolutions made in co-operation agreements is possible owing to enhancement of various social groups and institutions: school youth, farmers, firemen, athletes, artistic groups, local artists, senior residents and members of local government.

In 2009, the Commune of Strzelce Krajeńskie began drawing up a plan of spatial cultivation of areas located in the village of Długie. The areas, covering 8 hectares of land by Lake Lipie, on the national road 22 is to be of tourist function together with recreation and sport facilities.

After drawing up of the plan of spatial cultivation, the commune are going to search for investors from tourist- accommodation, sport and recreation branches.