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Country: Denmark
Commune/town: Jammerbugt Kommune

Signature of agreement date: 8th of September 2007. (Aabybro/Jammerbugt 1993 - 2006).


Mutual contacts and co-operation between inhabitants and companies of both communes had started in the seventies, long before official agreement was signed. Many interesting projects and programs, also granted by the European Union, have been implemented so far. Besides local authorities, various institutions such as schools, sport clubs, entrepreneurs, local press, and circles of citizens like farmers, bands, folks artists etc. are involved in this co-operation.

The Municipality Council of Jammerbugt Commune
Address: Toftevej 43
9440 Aabybro Denmark

Tel. 0045 7257 7777

Tel. 0045 7257 7395
Fax 0045 7257 8888

E-mail address: son@jammerbugt.dk

Mewy na wybrzeżu W Jamerbugt

Welcome to Jammerbugt Commune
Jammerbugt Commune is located in Northern Jutland in the middle of the North Sea and Limfjorden and the city named Aalborg. It takes only 15 minutes by car to get to the nearest international airport, Airport Aalborg, and about 20 minutes to get to the Aalborg Port as well as to the nearest railway station with possibilities to join Southern Europe. Thanks to convenient location, it is possible to reach comfortably and fast Jammerbugt Commune with attractions for tourists and to find yourself at marvelous beach of the North Sea.
The commune is inhabited by 38.926 inhabitants. The administrative centre is in the town Aabybro.


A special place
Jammerbugt Commune is a very special place between sea and fjord. A unique area of outstanding natural beauty consisting of soft dunes, steep cliffs, dense forests and open moor land.
Natural assets aside, the new commune has much more to offer. Jammerbugt Commune is situated close to well-established business areas and the "hub" of the region, Aalborg, with its wide range of attractions i.e. university. Together, these strengths create a sound structural basis within the commune for citizens, business, visitors and new arrivals alike.


Our goals
The aim of Jammerbugt Commune is to develop even higher levels of service for both our citizens and business sector. The commune will be an active participant, and provide the energy in the development of new initiatives, as well as being a strong player in strengthening our part in urban development, business life and tourism. The commune supports decentralization and actively encourages dialogue and involvement of citizens' and users' groups in any local decision making processes.

In short, our vision can be summed up in the following :

  • We see the commune as an entity.
  • We continue to be an attractive place to live and to visit.
  • We work for dynamic, innovative and future-proof business development.
  • We value our nature, cultural life, leisure time and tourism for the benefit of all.
  • We have established international co-operation with Municipality and Commune of Strzelce Krajeńskie from Poland, as well as with communes from Finland, Norway and Sweden, and shortly from Germany too.

It is with great pleasure, that we welcome you to Jammerbugt Commune.