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General information

The area of Strzelce Krajeńskie is a perfect place for tourism. Its dramatic landscape, numerous lakes and vast forests attract a great number the lovers of silence, hiking and water sports.

The region offers tourists well marked hiking, cycling and canoeing routes leading among the commune's most attractive areas, including nature reserves. The flora is very rich with nearly 650 of plants and about 140 different lichens. There are three nature reserves called "Wilanów", "Przyłężek", "Buki Zdroiskie", " Mszar Przygielkowy Długie im,. Huberta Jurczyszyna" and " Mszar Rosiczkowy koło Rokitna" . The forestation rate amounts to 50 per cent of the commune's area which is a good index. The most popular trees are pine trees, beeches and hornbeams. The unique micro-climate of these woods creates good condition for relaxation. Another favorable aspect of the forests are their protected zones containing environmental resources valuable for didactics as well as tourism.

The Strategy of Tourism Development implemented currently ensures tourists many ways and chances for an active holiday. To help tourists find their interests we organized a Tourist information Office in Strzelce Krajeńskie. There are also societies popularizing active spending of free time. The mass recreation is developing in Długie, where by the shores and crystal clear waters of the enchanting Lipie Lake exists a Tourism and Recreation Center with well-developed boarding, catering facilities, and water sport rentals. Numerous lakes and net of small rivers make that area of the commune particularly fit for tourism. The above mentioned lakes and rivers are the bases of of the implementation of the 'Lubuskie Masuria' project. The marked out canoeing and sailing route begins in Długie, by Lake Lipie and leads through a pass to Lake Słowa. Then, another channel joins the route with Lake Osiek which is located within the Dobiegniew commune. The Mierzęcka Struga river goes to Lake Wielgie Dobiegniewskie. The system of channels and passes enable reaching rivers The Drawa, The Noteć, The Warta, The Odra and finally The Baltic Sea.

There are also agritourist farms which offer silent and environmentally friendly way of spending holidays.

Environmental resources

Climate is a significant factor influence on the environmental resources. The climate of Strzelce Krajeńskie is moderate with a visible influence of humid and warm air from the Atlantic. The climate and lots of forests flatten the temperature amplitude and lengthen the vegetation period to around 220 days per year. One of the forms of protecting of t he environment is preservation of the ecological corridors linking valuable areas together and enabling migration of flora and fauna. In western Poland there are two most important ice-marginal valleys: Toruń-Eberswalde, Warsaw-Berlin. The commune of Strzelce Krajeńskie belongs to a tourist region connected mainly with the Dobiegniew Lakeland mesoregion. The western areas of the commune are located in the eastern part of the Gorzów Plain. These are terrains of sub glacial relief, full of ribbon and kettle lakes which are valuable in terms of tourism.

Tourist values

Canoeing and sailing tourism values

Numerous lakes and a complex of rivers make the commune particularly favorable for those kinds of tourism. Those water reservoirs and the natural systems connecting them are the basis of the implementation of the Lubuskie Masuria project. The marked out water tourist trail begins in Długie by Lake Lipie (182 ha). The trail leads along a pass to Lake Słowa 62 ha) and then through a channel to Lake Osiek (635 ha) located in Dobiegniew commune. The trail follows the Mierzęcka Struga River to Lake Wielgie-Dobiegniewskie,covering the area of 137 ha and further owing to the system of passes and channels to the Drawy and Noteć Rivers.

Fishing tourism values

The lakes located in the area of the commune are rich with fish. The species are both herbivorous (the common whitefish, the vendace, the gudgeon, the roach, the bream, the crucian, the tench, the wels catfish) as well as carnivores (the European perch, the eel, the pike, the zander).

Hunting tourism values

The forests and the Warta River marshes are a natural habitat to game and fowl such as foxes, deers, wildboars, roe-deers, pheasants, partridges, bean geese, mallards, wood pigeons and coots.

Cycling tourism values

The environmentally and culturally diversified area creates perfect conditions for cycling tourism.

Strzelce Krajeńskie is the beginning of a 14.5-kilometer-long biking trail called "The Danków Route". There are three rest spots on the way. The first one is located on the 8th kilometer, on the so called "Rybakówka". There, one can see tall woods with rich   groundcover as well as observe white-tailed eagles and ospreys. Another rest spot called "The Lower Mill" is located on the 11th kilometer of the trail. At this point, upon the Polka River, there used to be a watermill. The third stop is situated in Danków by Lake Kinołęka (Małe Dankowskie) and Lake Wielgie Dankowskie. There is a campsite by the latter with a well-organized educational fitness trail. "The Danków Route" is very attractive, as even its part leading through farming areas gives a chance to get to know the places where birds and small animals find shelter. Bogs created after the sub glacial lakes disappeared are a habitat to birds, amphibians and insects. Part of the Gorzów Forest is legally protected as the Barlinek-Gorzów Landscape Park.

Moreover, Strzelce Krajeńskie is the beginning of the 28-kilometer-long hiking and biking trail to Długie. It is considered a safe way to holiday centers in Długie. The trail's parts are called: "The Poznańska Droga"  (6.9 km long), "The Sumowski Szlak" (4.3 km), "The Słowi Szlak (3.8 km) and "The Owczy Szlak" (3.4 km).

Another hiking and biking trail- "The Szlakiem Rezerwatów" trail runs through the communes of Strzelce and Kłodawa. Beginning in Strzelce Krajeńskie, it makes a 38-kilometer-long loop and covers the southeastern part of the Gorzów Forest including the following nature reserves: "The Wilanów", "The Przyłężek" and "The Zdroisko Beech Wood". The trail leads along environmentally diversified terrains.

The addition of the above mentioned are the following trails, marked out within the Pro Europa Viadrina Euroregion:

  •         Barlinek - Danków - Buszów - Strzelce Krajeńskie - Gardzko - Stare Kurowo - Drezdenko. Length -49 kilometers,
  •         Tuczno - Lubicz - Lipie Góry - Strzelce Krajeńskie - Zwierzyn. Length -19 kilometers.
Hiking tourism values

The diversified, sub glacial relief, numerous lakes and forests create favorable conditions for developing hiking tourism. The hiking trails, similarly to the biking ones may be used to teach environmental awareness- ecology (nature reserves), the meaning of small, lowland rivers in the biocenosis of forests, as well as the clarity of waters and the dangers.

Sacral tourism values

Several precious sacral buildings are located in the area of the commune. One of them is the Gothic church, dating back to the second half of the 13th century and the Gothic stone and brick church in Lubicz in which defensive features can be distinguished.