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The history of co-operation 1993-1999


  • 16 March - the authorities of Strzelce Krajeńskie submitted an official letter to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark, in which a willingness of establishing a co-operation with the Danish town was voiced.
  • 28 August - during the delegation from Aabybro, a co-operation agreement between the two districts was signed by Jan Chmiel - the Mayor of Strzelce Krajeńskie - and Ole Lykkegard Andersen - the Mayor of Aabybro district.


  • In order to carry out the clauses of the contract, the representatives of both Aabybro and Strzelce Krajeńskie visited the friendly districts repeatedly.
  • The delegation from Strzelce Krajeńskie became familiar with the sanitation department in Aabybro, as well as water and gas supply systems.
  • Schools, farmers, folk groups, bands, artists, sports clubs, business communities and the local press are also involved in the co-operation.
  • A fair amount of interesting projects and programs, subsidized also by European Union, was carried out.
  • 20-21 January - a design project for Polish sewage treatment plant was discussed during a working meeting in Strzelce Krajeńskie.
  • March 1994 - bands from Strzelce Krajeńskie took an active part in the "Rockathlon" in Aabybro.
  • Young people from Rotary Club paid a visit to Aabybro.
  • A delegation of 12 from Strzelce Krajeńskie took part in the Partnership Towns Conference organized in Aabybro.
  • November 1994 - a delegation from Aabybro visited Strzelce Krajeńskie. During the visit, a co-operation in the field of food processing and dairying was established. Students from the Technical College of Agricultural Engineering were offered student training on Danish farms.


  • As a result of a systematic tourist information-sharing, several Danish families spend their holiday in Strzelce Krajeńskie district every year.
  • Students from the Technical College of Agricultural Engineering started their student training. The stay and the training were held thanks to financial support of the European Union and its funds allotted to Eastern Europe.
  • January 1995 - "Sanita" Company - the Danish producer of clogs and insoles - started its activities in Strzelce Krajeńskie.
  • "Jaco" Company also specializes in the shoe industry.
  • 15-17 September - the representatives of Aabybro district took part in Strzelce Krajeńskie Day - "Jarmark Strzelcecki".


  • 16-18 April - a formal Polish-Danish meeting in Aabybro.
  • 10-12 May - "Industry, Culture and Commerce Fair" took place in a sports hall in Aabybro.

The representatives of Strzelce Krajeńskie:

Danuta Ławnik , Anna Gabryelów ,Janusz Kupczyński

Strzelce Krajeńskie presented its economic and tourist offer.

  • 12-15 September - 8 Danish families stayed in Strzelce Krajeńskie. At that time, Aabybro Day took place, as well as Strzelce Krajeńskie Day and harvest festival.

The guests explored the town and the companies connected with agriculture.

  • In autumn, a contact with S.E.S. Rejser ApS - Danish travel agency - was established in order to make plans for hunting trips to Strzelce Krajeńskie.
  • In the first days of October, a group of farmers from Aabybro visited Strzelce Krajeńskie.


  • 24-26 February - the representatives of the partnership towns met in Aabybro in order to recapitulate the decisions concerning the co-operation of both districts. During the meeting, the matters of fruit plantation and selling were brought up. The visit of Polish farmers in Aabybro was discussed, as well as the matter of visiting the fair. The participants also debated on similarities and differences between Polish and Danish educational systems.
  • 14-17 April - Strzelce Krajeńskie played host to the delegation of teachers from Aabybro. Mayor Romuald Gawlik emphasized that young people should be involved in the co-operation, as it is significant to our district. The dates and the course of the exchange were set.
  • July and September - young people from Strzelce Krajeńskie worked as trainees in Aabybro district.
  • 9-12 October - a delegation of 18 farmers from Strzelce Krajeńskie visited Denmark. The program covered issues concerning running individual farms, as well as functioning of farming cooperative and companies connected with agriculture.


  • 12-13 May - the fifth anniversary of the co-operation. Delegation from Aabybro visited Strzelce Krajeńskie in order to recapitulate the mutual contacts.
  • The youth from Strzelce Krajeńskie continued their student training in Aabybro


  • 17-21 May - a 30-member group of teachers and students from Aabybro visited Strzelce Krajeńskie within the framework of the co-operation.
  • 20-24 June - Strzelce Krajeńskie played host to the "Delight" choir and the group of painters from Aabybro. The works of the artists were exhibited in "Moana" café. The young musicians gave concerts in schools. What is more, two choral concerts were held. Finally, the choir singers participated in the celebration of Midsummer Night - one of Polish folk customs.
  • 8-10 October - a delegation from Strzelce Krajeńskie participated in "Culture and Commerce Fair" in Aabybro. The representatives of Town Hall, "Schola" choir and the painters - Jan Prokop and Mirosław Parzych - were members of the delegation.