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The history of co-operation 2011-


- On 18th June 2011 our town solemnly celebrated its 725 anniversary of the town founding. On this very occasion delegations from partnertowns paid us a visit. From June 17th to 19th Strzelce Krajeńskie played host to guests from Jammerbugt Municipality (Denmark) with the Mayor, Mr Mogens Gade, Tornesch and Angermünde.

During the multilateral meetings the subject of future co-operation and its directions and experiences was discussed.

A solemn session of the Town Council was held in the Town Hall and the representatives of all twin towns took part in it, accompanied by guests from Fürstenwalde and Rüdersdorf. Another event on the agenda was the opening of an exhibition on the town's history. It was a result of co-work with Mr Karl-Heinz Klakow.

The center of the jubilee's celebrations was the Market Square where the ceremony of unveiling of a sundial took place to commemorate the 725 anniversary of the town founding. On this very festive but busy day "all those to whom this land was home to" were not forgotten. The delegations made wreaths on the municipal cemetery and paid tribute to those who create the town's history and cared about its development.

Hundreds of residents of our community as well as invited guests all participated in a colorful parade, which reached the Market Square where The Mayor, assisted by the entire Town Council and invited guests, of course, made ​​a solemn, official opening of the Jubilee.


- In Jammerbugt Municipality, in Denmark, on 7 - 9 June there was an official meeting of delegations from Tornesch / Germany, Strzelce Krajenskie and Jammerbugt due to the anniversary of cooperation between municipalities.

This year Tornesch and Jammerbugt are celebrating their 5th anniversary of signing the agreement on cooperation . Our municipality and municipality of Jammerbugt are celebrating 20th anniversary.

Strzelecka seven-member delegation (with the mayor Wiesław Sawicki and Chairman of the City Council Krzysztof Grochała) participated in the workshop whose subjects were culture and tourism, education, entrepreneurship and the environment.

They discussed current bilateral activities and planned directions and tasks to be implemented in the near future.

Delegation from Strzelce also took note of the functioning of the selective waste collection in Aabybro.

-  Between 20 – 23 June we hosted over forty-member group of dancers from the Association of Folk Dance SALTUM of Jammerbugt municipality / Denmark. The visit host was the group "Krajna" from Strzelce. During the visit there were dance workshops and guests acquainted with the history and nature of our community and took part in the Strzelce Fair.

- Traditionally, the feast of city, Strzelce Fair, is the opportunity to meet with representatives of partner cities and associations from abroad.

Between 21 -23 June, delegation from Angermünd, Fürstenwalde, Rüdersdorf / Germany and Jammerbugt / Denmark came to Strzelce. Mr Karl-Heinz Klakow, resident of the old District Friedeberg , was also present.

Official Saturday ceremonies were preceded by Folklore Workshops, with the participation of Folk Dance Association of Municipality SALTUM Jammerbugt / Denmark. Saturday fair day started with laying flowers at the obelisks of the Communal Cemetery. The guests acquainted with tasks and investments carried out by local government, including those that are intended to preserve the cultural heritage, for example revitalization of the medieval walls and the Prison Tower. They took part in the parade and official opening of the Fair. The mayors, Wiesław Sawicki and Wolfgang Krakow from Angermünd, also discussed proposals for further joint ventures and meeting residents of both municipalities.


September 5th-6th- Lemko Tower visited Jammerbugt. The jubilee of 50 years of Brovst Pigegarde and organizing of the Brovst Musikfest festival were reasons for inviting Lemko Tower to Jammberbugt Commune. Apart from gigs, possibilities for further co-operation were discussed.