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The history of co-operation 2011

The history of co-operation 2011


- From April 27th to 28th Mr Karl - Heinz Klakow (a former resident of Friedeberg District) visited Strzelce Krajeńskie on the initiative of the Mayor of Strzelce, Mr Tadeusz Feder. It concerned preparation and organization of a historic exhibition about the town which will be presented during the celebration of 725th anniversary of Strzelce Krajeńskie founding.

- From June 13th to 19th Mr  Karl - Heinz Klakow  paid a visit to Strzelce and together with the staff of the Strzelce Culture Center prepared an exhibition on the town's history. Mr Klakow brought his own family keepsakes. He also enriched our library collections with another portion of  German publications.

- On 18th June 2011 our town solemnly celebrated its 725 anniversary of the town founding.

On this very occasion delegations from partner towns paid us a visit. From June 17th to 19th Strzelce Krajeńskie played host to guests from Tornesch with the Mayor Roland Krugel, Jammerbugt Municipality (Denmark) and Angermünde.

 Within the confines of the project "Little Homeland-Common Europe" implemented by the commune and co-financed by the Polish-German Co-operation Fund, the jubilee of the Strzelce Krajeńskie (Friedeberg) 725th anniversary of founding abounded in many events.

During the multilateral meetings the subject of future co-operation and its directions and experiences was discussed.

On June 18th a solemn session of the Town Council was held in the Town Hall and the representatives of all twin towns took part in it, accompanied by guests from Fürstenwalde and Rüdersdorf. Another event on the agenda was the opening of an exhibition on the town's history. It was a result of co-work with Mr Karl-Heinz Klakow.

The center of the jubilee's celebrations was the Market Square where the ceremony of unveiling of a sundial took place to commemorate the 725 anniversary of the town founding. On this very festive but busy day "all those to whom this land was home to" were not forgotten. The delegations made wreaths on the municipal cemetery and paid tribute to those who created the town's history and cared about its development.

Hundreds of residents of our community as well as invited guests all participated in a colorful parade, which reached the Market Square where the Mayor, assisted by the entire Town Council and invited guests, of course, made a solemn, official opening of the Jubilee.

The project called "The Jubilee of the 25th anniversasry of Strzelce Krajeńskie founding" implemented by the Strzelce Culture Center was co-financed by the means of the EU EWT resources.

- On June 18th our Primary School hosted Mrs Maria Leipold- the principal of Johannes - Schwennesen- Schule Tornesch. Both sides declared their interest in mutual contacts. Their basis is to be the implementation of eTwinning projects.

-  From September 22nd to 24th Mr Karl Heinz Klakow visited Strzelce and together with the staff of Strzelce Culture Center closed the historical exhibition, which had been presented since June, for the needs of which, he brought his own family keepsakes.


- A delegation of 8 directed by the Mayor, Mr. Wiesław Sawicki visited Tornesch on April 27th-29th. The reason of the visit and its occasion was the 10th anniversary of the co-operation with the German town.

The official agreement was signed on June 12th, 2002 in Tornesch.

During the visit, apart from the official jubilee celebrations such as the meeting of all partner towns representatives, planting symbolic trees and unveiling the commemorating board, a couple of important meetings took place to estimate future co-operation. Representatives of primary schools from Tornesch, Strzelce Krajeńskie, Jammerbugt/Denmark and Gmünden/Austria discussed the possibilities and alternatives of co-operation. Also, the senior residents of Jammerbugt, Tornesch and Strzelce met on similar occasion.

The delegation of Strzelce took part in a meeting aimed at discussing further co-operation opportunities between Voluntary Fire Brigade departments.

On August 9th-10th a delegation of 23 residents of Tornesch, chaired by the town's Mayor Roland Krügel paid a visit to Strzelce Krajeńskie. Most of the visitors came to Strzelce for the first time. Our Mayor, Mr Wiesław Sawicki welcomed all guests in the Town Hall and made a speech in which he introduced our community- its location, economy, education and the tasks and functioning of the administration.

Then the German guests went for a short walk around the town, got to know some of its history and visited the most important historical buildings. The associates of the local Occupational Therapy Center presented methods and forms of activating of disabled in the regional market.

An important element of the visit was a donation of equipment for fire-fighters for the Voluntary Fire Brigade made by the mayor, Mr. Roland Krügel.

On October 19th-21st four representatives of Strzelce Krajeńskie partook in the topping out celebration in the new fire station in Tornesch. Polish firefighters (Mariusz Plak- State Fire Brigade, Franciszek and Dariusz Domaradzki- Voluntary Fire Brigade and Sebastian Rzepka) were part of the celebration and discussed projects on Voluntary Fire Brigades to be implemented in 2013.


- From 19 to 21 April, official delegation chaired by the mayor Wiesław Sawicki was hosted in the town of Tornesch.

At the invitation of the Mayor - Roland Krügel and firefighters from Tornesch, the delegation participated in the opening of firehouse of Volunteer Fire Department in Tornesch - Esingen. During the visit, the delegation also took note of the progress of renovation and construction of the second watchtower in Tornesch - Ahrenlohe. During their stay in Tornesch, the delegation also discussed next year’s meeting and VFD cooperation projects - training camp for the youth brigade, especially planned for the beginning of July, which is to be held in the municipality of Strzelce.

- German firefighters in Strzelce. "We are neighbors let’s get to know each other better”. Cooperation of the Volunteer Fire Brigade " is a project which was attended by young firefighters from Angermünd, Tornesch and Strzelce. The project , implemented from 5th to 10th July, has been funded by the Euroregion Pro Europa Viadrina as well as by Polish and German Cooperation Foundation.

It's already another meeting of firefighters, whose task is to learn, acquire experience and cooperation in the field of fire protection.