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The history of co-operation 2011


- On May 25th and i 26th, a group of 10 members of the Senior Citizen's Club "Pogodny Uśmiech visited Angermünde being invited by the V.dk Sozialverband K.V Uckermark. The aim of the visit was a celebration of the Senior Citizens' Week held in Angermünde.

- From May 26th to 28th students from Gustav Brühn Schule in Angermünde visited their peers from primary school in Strzelce Krajeńskie. The interesting schedule (history, drama, language, multimedia and arts classes) made the group of 16 as well as their teachers feel great here.

The project "We live in common Europe" is co-financed from the means of the EPEV Polish-German Youth Co-operation.

- On 18th June 2011 our town solemnly celebrated its 725 anniversary of the town founding.

On this very occasion delegations from partnertowns paid us a visit. From June 17th to 19th Strzelce Krajeńskie played host to guests from Jammerbugt Municipality (Denmark), Tornesch and Angermünde.

During the multilateral meetings the subject of future co-operation and its directions and experiences was discussed.

A solemn session of the Town Council was held in the Town Hall and the representatives of all twin towns took part in it, accompanied by guests from Fürstenwalde and Rüdersdorf. Another event on the agenda was the opening of an exhibition on the town's history. It was a result of co-work with Mr Karl-Heinz Klakow.

The center of the jubilee's celebrations was the Market Square where the ceremony of unveiling of a sundial took place to commemorate the 725 anniversary of the town founding. On this very festive but busy day "all those to whom this land was home to" were not forgotten. The delegations made wreaths on the municipal cemetery and paid tribute to those who create the town's history and cared about its development.

Hundreds of residents of our community as well as invited guests all participated in a colorful parade, which reached the Market Square where The Mayor, assisted by the entire Town Council and invited guests, of course, made ​​a solemn, official opening of the Jubilee.

The project called "The Jubilee of the 25th anniversasry of Strzelce Krajeńskie founding" implemented by the Strzelce Culture Center was co-financed by the means of the EU ETC resources.

- Traditionally in October (12th and 13th this year), the 5th Senior Citizen's Club Tournament was held in Strzelce Krajeńskie. 5 clubs from the neighboring municipalities and, of course, the members of the V.dk Sozialverband K.V Uckermark. The German team of nine became winners of this year's edition. During the visit the subject of participation of the German senior citizens in the Chrismtas Eve dinner was mentioned.

- On December 17th, a group consisting of 10 representatives of the V.dk Sozialverband K.V Uckermark, Angermünde arrived in Strzelce Krajeńskie. The visitors took part in the Multicultural Chrismtas Eve Dinner which was organized on our Market Square. The project in which Christmas traditions and customs were presented by Germans, Lemkos and Poles was co-financed from the means of the Polish-German Co-operation Fund.


The Strzelce Culture Center partnered by the Strzelce Society of Chess Enthusiasts organized International Chess Tournament which were held on May 17th-20th. There were four competitors from Angermünde as well as twelve participants from Abteilung Schach des SV "Glück auf" Rüdersdorf. It was the first edition of the tournament but further meetings were established, this time in Rüdersdorf. The project was financed by the PEV Euroregion.

From May 31st to June 2nd students from Primary School in Strzelce Krajeńskie visited their peers from G. Brühn School in Angermünde. A group of 16 took part in classes organized by the hosts.

The aim of the school exchange was to integrate students of both schools, give opportunities to communicate in German and motivate to improve language skills. The children organized Children's Day celebration with numerous contests, a disco, a biking trip and an art class. The students also learnt to sing songs both in Polish and German.

The headmasters of both schools with the project leaders discussed directions of the schools' further co-operation. The project has been financed by the PEV Euroregion.

June 21st, -a group of 13 senior members of the Strzelce Senior Resident Club invited the seniors to Angermünde attended the meeting in Germany. During the visit, the next steps of cooperation and meetings were agreed and discussed. In addition, the seniors from Germany donated rehabilitation equipment to the seniors from Strzelce Krajeńskie.

September 18th- two members of the Senior Resident Club from Angermünde paid a one-day working visit to discuss the agenda of the next meeting, to be held in the Senior Residents Week in October.

A visit of the Senior Residents Club members from Angermünde. 10 senior residents of the German town visited Strzelce during the 6th Senior Resident tournament. Five of the guests took part in the competition which was part of the process of integration. Program of the further visit in Strzelce (December) was also discussed during the meeting.

- A delegation of 5 directed by the Mayor, Mr. Wiesław Sawicki visited Angermünde on November 18th. The aim of the one-day working visit was to specify actions and plan contacts for the year 2013. Our representatives presented specific plans to be implemented with our partners from Angermünde. They also learned about the system of Voluntary Fire Brigades as well as sporting and cultural activities which will be the main fields of future co-operation.

As in the years before, a group of seven Senior Resident Club members from Angermünde took part in the Municipal Christmas Celebrations which were held on December 15th-17th in Strzelce Krajeńskie. This year's Christmas Eve of Many Cultures gathered also such ethnic minorities as the Lemkos and the Gypsies. The guests from Germany visited the Orthodox Catholic church as well as the seat of the Lemkos called the Lemko Tower. They also saw the exhibition of Christmas ornaments made by the participants of the Occupational Therapy Center.



- Polish and German Film Festival is one of many elements and attractions of the Picnic in Strzelce. Representatives from the Municipality of Angermünd participated in the event (30.04 - 2.05). The project was financed by the Euroregion Pro Europa Viadrina and carried out by the Cultural Centre in Strzelce.

- Traditionally, the feast of city, Strzelce Fair, is the opportunity to meet with representatives of partner cities and associations from abroad.

Between 21 -23 June, delegation from Angermünd, Fürstenwalde, Rüdersdorf / Germany and Jammerbugt / Denmark came to Strzelce. Mr Karl-Heinz Klakow, resident of the old District Friedeberg , was also present.

Official Saturday ceremonies were preceded by Folklore Workshops, with the participation of Folk Dance Association of Municipality SALTUM Jammerbugt / Denmark. Saturday fair day started with laying flowers at the obelisks of the Communal Cemetery. The guests acquainted with tasks and investments carried out by local government, including those that are intended to preserve the cultural heritage, for example revitalization of the medieval walls and the Prison Tower. They took part in the parade and official opening of the Fair. The mayors, Wiesław Sawicki and Wolfgang Krakow from Angermünd, also discussed proposals for further joint ventures and meeting residents of both municipalities.

- German firefighters in Strzelce. "We are neighbors let’s get to know each other better”. Cooperation of the Volunteer Fire Brigade " is a project which was attended by young firefighters from Angermünd, Tornesch and Strzelce. The project , implemented from 5th to 10th July, has been funded by the Euroregion Pro Europa Viadrina as well as by Polish and German Cooperation Foundation.

It's already another meeting of firefighters, whose task is to learn, acquire experience and cooperation in the field of fire protection.

- On September 4th, a group of eight seniors from Strzelce, participated in Brüssow in a meeting with acquainted seniors from Angermünd. Cultural presentations, meetings with the authorities of the Land and District and talks about next year's meetings and contacts filled the program of the visit completely.

- 7th Tournament Senior Club held on 09.10.2013 is another opportunity to meet seniors from Strzelce and Angermünd. The nine-member delegation of guests from Germany once again participated in games and contests prepared by seniors in Strzelce. During the visit, two more meetings planned for later that year were also discussed.

-  On November 2, at the invitation of V.dk Sozialverband KV Uckermark association, nine-member group of Strzelce seniors and representatives of Occupational Therapy Workshops was invited to Angermünd. The aim of the trip was to attend a trade fairs of handicrafts made by disabled persons. Our delegation exhibition consisted of various objects and ornaments made ​​by the participants of Occupational Therapy Workshops in their own studios.

Strzelce stand at the fair attracted great interest of visitors as well as representatives of other exhibitors. Wolfgang Krakow, the mayor of Angermünd who was opening the exhibition, stressed active cooperation and direct contacts between the inhabitants of our cities.

During the visit they also discussed participation of Angermünd Seniors at Christmas Eve which is traditionally held in mid-December on the Strzelce market.

- The next Christmas Eve meeting. On December 15, Strzelce Municipal Market was filled with locals who sat for shared Christmas Eve Table. Traditionally, the event was attended by eight-member delegation from Angermünd, with Ms Sonia Sasse at the helm. German seniors actively involved in preparations and the Christmas meeting. In addition, they paid a visit to members of the Association of Lemko Culture Enthusiasts and Strzelce Special Education Centre.

- On December 28, delegation of Seniors from Germany (Angermünd6) brought to Strzelce rehabilitation equipment, including beds, wheelchairs, quilts, walking frames. All equipment will be disposed by MGOPS (Social Welfare Centre) among its clients and other people in need. The campaign once again was coordinated by Strzelce Senior Club “Pogodny Uśmiech” ("Sunny Smile").


 On January 11th, the befriended Seniors Association of Angermünde brought to the Strzelce Seniors Association "Pogodny Uśmiech" rehabilitation equipment (special beds), which were transferred to the disabled. This is yet another selfless action by the Seniors.

On March 9th, a group of 10 members of the Strzelce Seniors Association visited their friends from Angermünde. The occasion to pay them a visit was the common celebration of the International Women's Day in Bollewick- Mecklenburg. The seniors found the visit highly interesting owing to various shows, presentations and exhibitions organized.

On April 30th-May 2nd the May Presentations of Music Groups took place in Strzelce Krajeńskie. Apart from showing the potential of music groups in the commune, also sporting events were held. A 16-member-group of our partners from Angermünde actively participated in the event. The project was co-financed from the means of EPEV.

On June 11th- 13th a group of students from the Junior High School of  Strzelce Krajeńskie paid a visit to a befriended Gustav Bruhn school in Angermünde.  The agenda of this (sixth) meeting was participation in ICT, art, music and German classes. Moreover, there was time for rest, sightseeing and a meeting with the mayor Mr. W. Krakow. The project was co-financed from the means of EPEV.

On June 18th, 9 representatives of the Senior Association from Strzelce Krajeńskie visited the Gardens of the World in Berlin together with their friends from Angermünde. During the meeting plans for further projects were also made. 

A visit of representatives of Angermünde and Fürstenwalde during the Town's Feast- 10 years in the EU. This year's meeting joined the anniversaries of Poland's being a member state of the EU as well as the 20th anniversary of Strzelce and Angermünde as twin towns. A group of 7 representatives of Angermünde (including the mayor, Mr. W. Krakow), members of the German Association of the Displaced from Fürstenwalde (with the chairman Mr. Herman Schmück) and Mr. K-H Klakow from Elmshorn participated in the event. Laying flowers at the obelisks, the conference on the history of cooperation with Angermünde, getting to know the most important results and achievements of our town after joining the EU, and of course participation and the official opening of the event were the most important elements of this event. The project was co-financed from the means of EPEV.

On August 23rd, 2 representatives of senior residents from Angermünde visited the Strzelce Seniors Association members. Their meeting was organized to make plans for further co-operation. 

On October 8th, The 8th Seniors Club Tournament was held and yet again we hosted our partners from Angermünde. 13 participants took active competing with five other clubs.
November 2th, Strzelce Seniors Association "Pogodny Uśmiech" members visited Angermünde to present theirs arts and crafts articles during the yearly handicraft exhibition. The participants of Special Education Center also presented their works of art. 

On November 12th, the head of Angermünde Seniors - Sonia Sasse visited the Senior Club of Strzelce bringing together Christmas gifts.

On December 14th-15th, a  9-person delegation of  Seniors from Angermünde were hosted on a Christmas Eve supper. Traditionally, Christmas Eve supper was also held in the Senior Citizens Club and the German guests visited the Special Educational Centre.