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The history of co-operation 2015


March 10th-11th-An official visit in Tornesch. 
Our delegation was chaired by mayor Mateusz Feder and the chairman of the Town Hall Krzysztof Grochala. The aim of the visit were talks on the continuation of cooperation, its directions and activities for the coming period. One of the most important elements of the visit was to share experiences and to talk on cooperation of municipalities with entrepreneurs, hence, the members of the representatives of Strzelce Krajeńskie were deputy mayor Mateusz Karkoszka and the chairman of the Lubusz Board of Employers (Zarząd Lubuskich Pracodawców) – Mr. Zbigniew Marcinkiewicz. The participants expressed their will for closer cooperation in the field of contacts on winning and "service" businesses in the context of the Strzelce economic subzone (KSSSE). During the talks ways of the entrepreneurs’ communication with the Town Hall were discussed, as well as cooperation and the towns’ participation Turing the process of planning and investment implementation, forms of encouraging future investors and forms of acquiring areas for investments by the German municipality.  The first forms and possibilities of promoting the area of the Strzelce economic zone by the German partners and its promotion were arranged.  During the visit, was also agreed the continuation of the existing contacts in the field of cultural exchange, the cooperation of fire brigades, seniors, schools, etc. The need and willingness for supporting our citizens' initiatives in the field of direct cooperation of associations and non-governmental organizations were clearly stated.

July 24th-27th, A visit of a youth Voluntary Fire Brigade in Tornesch.

A group of 15 voluntary firefighters participated in a youth fire brigade sports camp in Tornesch. The participants had the opportunity to get to know with the working conditions and the equipment of local firefighters and visited the Port of Hamburg, where they learned about the equipment and tasks of firefighters working in the port. August 9th-10th, A visit of the VHS (the German association of the relocated) seniors from Tornesch. A visit to Strzelce was one of the elements of a holiday trip to the German senior partner towns. The group chaired by Mayor Roland-Krügel met the authorities of our town, went sightseeing and talked about the upcoming visit to Tornesch.

August 28th-31st,  The Holiday of Tornesch.
On January 1st, 2015, Tornesch, the German twin town of Strzelce Krajeńskie celebrated the 10th anniversary of of granting municipal rights. The meeting was attended by delegations of partner towns of Tornesch-  Strzelce Krajeńskie and Jammerbugt. The heads of a nearly 25 person delegation were Krzysztof Grochala- the Chairman of the Town Council and the Deputy Mayor Mateusz Karkoszka.
In addition to meetings and official speeches planned in the program of the visit we had the opportunity to present and promote our commune at the stalls and on stage. All participants of the delegation had the opportunity to get to know the town, its development and plans for the coming years during a nearly two-hour sightseeing tour. The current development of Tornesch, as well as the plans for the future, especially in the field of public infrastructure and the development of entrepreneurship and business are impressive.An important element of the visit were presentations of municipalities on the stands.As usual the municipality of Strzelce Krajeńskie had a large selection of promoting materials and gadgets, which attracted the attention of residents and visitors present at the festival grounds.
Strzelce were represented also by the employees of Occupational Therapy Workshop, who in addition to items made by the workshop participants served our region's traditional dishes.
Mrs. Urszula Szadyko also presented her handicrafts.The Lemko Tower music group of Strzelce Krajeńskie gave a concert on the main stage of the event. The visit was also an opportunity to discuss the development of cooperation with other groups of residents who show interest and initiative in this area and want to be actively involved in the implementation of the partnership.


May 21st, a group of firemen from Tornesch come to Strzelce Krajeńskie to celebrate the 70th anniversary of establishing the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Bronowice. The official opening of a renovated Fire Station in Bronowice takes place during the event.

June 12th-19th - JARMARK STRZELECKI (The Strzelce Fair)- The jubilee of 730 years of Strzelce Krajeńskie. On this occasion we are hosts to official representations of Tornesch and Jammerbugt. A group of senior residents of Angermünde and the Bund der Vertriebenen (The Association of the Uprooted) also join in the celebrations. Moreover, a group of fishermen from Tornesch gets to know the commune and its fishing facilities, the accordion band of Tornesch put a marvelous concert to the plenty of spectators. Karl-Heinz Klakow, a former resident of Kreis Friedeberg (pre WW2 administrative district). Also, a band called Four Feel Fine of Angermünde gives a concert during this week of culture.


1. April 28th-30th- 13 representatives of Strzelce, chaired by the mayor, Mateusz Feder visit Tornesch. It is a working visit and concerns the Town Council co-operation options. The councillors present at the meeting get to know the town of Tornesch and the main topics covered during the meeting are:
a) the processes and procedures of budget determination and implementation; the influence of the residents over the budget implementation, how tasks to be included are determined, etc.,
b) legal and viable involvement of the local government into welfare and the offer towards the residents (especially the elderly)- the offer for NGOs, individual help i.e. housing, nursing, healthcare, etc.

August 4th-7th – 13 teenagers from a youth fire brigade of Tornesch join another edition of the fire brigade training camp. The young get to know one another better during training, shows, visiting facilities and leisure time spent together.

November 15th-16th – An official representation of Strzelce consisting of 5 people visit Elmshorn to take part in the funeral of the late Mr. Karl-Heinz Klakow, who dies on 8th November.  Mr. Klakow was the former resident of Kreis Friedeberg (pre-WW2 administrative district) and a 20-year-long activist for the co-operation between Strzelce Krajeńskie and Tornesch.